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Picto Sarah Levy

After 10 years of theoretical and practical activity in architecture, Sarah engaged in 2016 in a reflection on the uses of accessories within the Master Accessories offered by ENSAV La Cambre. Her first collection, for which she was awarded the Prix Artagon in 2018 and the Public prize at the Hyères Festival in 2019, adopts an experimental approach to accessories, inspired by our contemporary behaviours.

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This project evolved in the Habit Series which proposes a playful gallery of body extensions designed to offer material solutions, both practical and offbeat, to the transportation of objects that accompany us in our daily lives.

While pursuing this personal project, Sarah collaborates as a freelance accessory designer with french Houses such as Marine Serre, Givenchy and Patou. The two approaches to accessory design are complementary for Sarah, and fuel her creative process.