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Picto Sarah Levy

The Index series proposes a new category of accessory. Questioning the evolution of the handbag, which is often replaced by our pockets, each Index piece transposes the codes of a garment rooted in our collective imaginary - Bombers, Denim Jacket, Perfecto, Barbour, Dufflecoat, Hoodie, Work Pants - into the form of an accessory.

"Index" refers to a working method. It consists in synthesizing the elements from which one recognizes a garment, and to recompose them in the form of an accessory: what singularizes each garment becomes the principle of composition of the accessory that it generates.

The Habit series materializes our habits in the form of accessories. Each piece, linked to an everyday object that has become a fetish or to the gestures that accompany it, is designed to offer a material solution, both practical and offbeat, to our contemporary habits.

Sarah’s commitment to a sustainable approach is implemented in every aspect of production: local production, respect for manufacturers, upcycling from deadstock materials are her priorities.