Sarah Levy is an accessory designer

With her project Creatures of Habit, the Belgian designer captures our quirks in a range of accessories borrowing from leatherwork and glove-making techniques. Under the Belgian designer’s gaze, the usual gesture freezes into an obsession. The useful is morphed into a fetish and the user into her worshipper.

Conceived in collaboration with Mathieu Berger (sociologist), Creatures Of Habit reveals the tragicomic aesthetics of contemporary lifestyles characterised by increased resources and reduced meaning; those lifestyles by which the living are commodified and seen as objects. The characters portrayed by Benoît Bethume (photographer and artistic director) embody some of the new social archetypes generated by these lifestyles, both captivated by and captive of the accessory.

This work has earned Sarah the Prix Artagagon in 2018, the Public Award at the Hyères Festival in 2019 and a nomination for the 2019 Belgian Fashion Awards, “Emerging Talent” category.

Next to her personal projects, Sarah works as a freelance accessory designer with brands such as Ester Manas and Marine Serre.